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Aviva head slams car insurance review

“If we look at the major challenges facing the market – whiplash claims, fraud and escalating legal costs, to name a few – the scope of the investigation was inadequate. This led them to ineffective remedies, some of which they discovered they did not have the authority to implement.”

Mr Wilson goes on to suggest that the CMA should have been able to review the motor claims process in its entirety. He refers to the process as one “which prioritises financial compensation and encourages exaggerated and opportunistic personal injury claims”.

Mr Wilson personally and Aviva corporately have long lobbied for a change to the culture of motor insurance claims, lobbying Justice Secretary Chris Grayling for help in easing the burden of false whiplash claims on the industry.

In his comments, Mr Wilson repeats his demands to end the UK’s compensation culture, noting that last year 94pc of all motor claims paid by Aviva were for minor injuries such as short-term whiplash.

“Compare this to France where whiplash accounts for only 3pc of motor injury claims. The UK does not have the weakest necks in Europe. But it does have weak laws and regulations governing personal injury claims and rogue claims management companies,” he says.

James Dalton, head of motor insurance for the Association of British Insurers, said of the report: “The fact that it fails to do anything to address the excessive costs of replacement vehicles – a problem that the CMA itself identified – will be a bitter pill to swallow for honest motorists.”


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