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Marion Barry's Car Impounded After Crash On $2,800 In Unpaid Traffic Tickets - Washington Times

Barrys tickets date back to 2012. The most recent was issued Thursday, while the vehicle was parked in the 1200 block of Talbert Street in Southeast, apparently too close to a fire hydrant. DMV spokeswoman Vanessa Newton said previously that the agencys records indicate none of the 21 tickets had been appealed. She also confirmed that Mr. Barry does not have any points assessed to his drivers license, noting that neither parking tickets nor automated speed enforcement tickets would result in points being added to a license. To rescue his car from the impound lot, D.C. police indicated Monday that the former mayor would have to pay off all his old fines. The DMV says that vehicle registration and tags must be up to date before a vehicle can be released from a city impound lot.
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